Little baby sleeps anywhere, she does not care.


Little baby sleeps anywhere, she does not care.


Diana Ross at her Hollywood home photographed by Hal Filan, 1971.



That 70’s Show (1998)


That 70’s Show (1998)


schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them


i accept high fives only on my ass


1. Kiss boys whose mouths taste like plums and liquorice
take, but do not give
do not surrender to the urge to fall

2. Kiss girls who are silk beneath your hands
swell around them until you become water logged, heaving

3. Leave forest fires alone
do not look for smoke, when your body starts to burn
stay away from trees, get the hose

4. You are not an apology
do not treat yourself like one
your lips are perfect for kissing
your hips do not spell ‘sorry’

5. The roar of your voice is a lightning storm
This is why the sky excites you
Because you were born from it

6. They’ll tell you that you are ruined
Don’t listen, you are not an abandoned train station
you are poetry in motion

7. There will be leaves in your hair from climbing trees
and falling from them,
Sometimes it is good to hurtle

8. Loosen yourself into elastic
the next time someone touches you
remember: you are not an apology
you belong solely to yourself.

Azra.T “lessons” (via thevoodoothatyoudowoo)


Brand New | Limousine (MS Rebridge)

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it’s not my birthday but it’s a beautiful day to give me money

"I have scars on my hands from touching certain people."
J.D. Salinger (via quotes-shape-us)